2020 Goal setting

Key areas to Consider when setting your goals:

1) Financial – Depending on your current realities, your financial goals should help you increase your revenue, strenghten your investments and be smarter with your spending. All your other goals are invariably tied to your financial capacity. Some questions to ask and answer may include, how much is your current guaranteed income? How much is your monthly expenditure/compulsory recurrent cost, how much more revenue should you plan to generate this year? (Financial target) how do you hope to generate your target? What investments should you make? What recurrent spending should you eliminate or reduce? What projects should you undertake? Having SMART financial goals puts a check on impulsive and unnecessary spending.

2) Spiritual – Depending on what you seek to achieve, spiritual goals may include, prayer and study time and duration, personal retreats, commitnent to serving in your local church, periodic fasts, church programs to attend (this helps you plan your calendar or plan your leave schedule if you are a working professional) Typically, your spiritual goals should aim at strengthening your relationship with God.

3) Family – Depending on what phase your family is….as a single, have your parents and siblings in your plan…..plan to have them in your prayers daily, plan to call and visit them, plan to send them money monthly or periodically, plan to assist in their projects – eg land mark birthday celebrations etc. As newly married, plan to pray together as a habit, plan to have date nights weekly and think of ways to keep your love aflame. As young married, plan the spacing of your children considering your current realities. Plan vacation ahead and consider that in your financial plan. Plan landmark celebrations, wedding anniversaries and birthdays, but ensure these reflect in your financial plan. Your family goals are personal to you and really depends on what you seek to achieve.

4) Relationship- Your network is your networth. What is your social capital like? Review the key people in your life based on the impact and value you give and receive from them. Plan to limit your exposure to subtractors and plan to build stronger ties with the ones that add value to you spiritually, improve your mental health, boost your finances, inspire your career goals etc

5) Physical – Beloved I wish above all things that thou prosper and be in GOOD HEALTH even as your soul prospers. Medical check up periodically is a great health goal to set. Don’t wait to be sick, visit the doctor and run a check at least twice a year. Fitness goals are key….check your BMI and decide what weight to maintain. Plan to maintain healthy eating habits.

6) Career – trainings to take

7) Social-places to visit, that will help you in your career or business
8) intellectual -books to read, divided weekly, monthly , seminars, conference to attend, trainings to do, skills to learn.

9) character-character to develop and ones to drop, you can consult friends and do self examination.

Be careful not to set too many unrealistic goals.

Focus on what is important per time.

The time of the year you set your goals is not as important as the reason and commitment tied to your goal.

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