Keeping up or giving up “MENTAL HEALTH”

Life or death, either is a risk, sanity or insanity; choosing either is a risk, keeping up or giving up comes with a price. Mental Wellness: Are you mentally stable? Can you cope with the normal stresses of life? Are you currently on the verge of giving up?
A while ago, you are gay and healthy, people around you are definitely aware of the fact that your joy knows no bound, you are fulfilled, you are satisfied but what would have been the reason; that reason that made you lifeless, your body was on the floor, stiff, how could it happen? Did you give up within seconds of happiness? Does that mean your face beaming with smiles was a facade? Too many questions left unanswered.
He was rich, he was intelligent, he has everything he wants, yet he gave up, what could have triggered this feeling. Yes he was rich but he kept on running the race of hardwork, he knows well what riches meant, he has tasted the feelings, so he dreaded poverty, he kept on thinking “what if I lose all my riches” he couldn’t keep up and then, when he lost his job, he thought “where would I start from? ” he never gave his thought a chance, rather he gave up!. She was intelligent, brilliant, the top in her class, she has tasted the feelings, she couldn’t bear to see anyone else above her intelligence, though she smiles, she’s an envy but deep down, she’s scared to the bone, and then, she couldn’t keep up with the competition, she gave up!.
The tiny bridge between giving up and keeping up is one in which our mind can cross easily but it becomes more difficult while thinking about positivity and our mind is weighed down by negativity, while we think that we have more, yet we constantly prey on those who have more than us. What runs through our mind, when we think is what our brain processes, what happens inside you when you see someone totally succeeding at something you have always love to do? Merely looking at that person at that moment is capable of driving you to the verge of craziness. What do you think or feel when you walk up to a group of good looking successful people? What were your thoughts? Are they negative or positive? Our brain becomes restless, our mental ability to think about positivity wanes because we think less positive, even if we are successful, our thoughts is still on those that are more successful than us, thereby making us spiteful.
Many of us live in the realm of our subconscious mind; our brain is subdivided into two main parts of thinking, that is; our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the relentless overachiever, the mind which spins around from thoughts to thoughts, it races between decisions, it only stops working when we are at sleep, it snaps back to work when we wake up again. This is the part of the brain that is actually tricking us to believe that we are mentally stable while in the real sense, we are mentally ill, it tricks us to believe that we are happy, we are fulfilled and that we are working, we are taking actions not to be depressed while in the real sense, we are doing nothing but been restless, from remembering what our folks says about us, to noticing how ugly we seems to be. When we let our conscious mind to be hyperactive to all those things we are yet to achieve, then we are giving morale to our giving up mentality other than our keeping up ability, the two does not let go, you are in the position to choose that which you want.
And our subconscious mind, this is that part that has been from childhood, the innocence of our heart, the subconscious mind can’t differentiate what is true and what is not. What people showed us when we were young, what they told us was right is what we believed. From childhood, you have been told there is a limit to what you can be in life because of your complexion or because your nose is too flat, our subconscious mind tends to store this information, keep them safe, resulting to our believes and as we go far, as much as we see the world, no matter what we do, no matter how fast our conscious mind runs, it will always be in limit with our subconscious mind. And when the two states of minds are in conflict with each other, we are left in total abject, seas of confusion as to why things are not going the way we wanted, we started to race, forgetting that we need to align our thoughts with our subconscious mind. Until we learn to see things outside our subconscious mind, outside what people told us we are, until we give up our comfort zone and keep up, move forward to a more challenging realm, our mental stability will continue to be a deceit; we will be consciously mentally stable but subconsciously mentally unstable.
Giving up is not just taking one’s life, giving up is neglecting what you are capable of doing because you are scared of not been able to keep up, the figment of our brain once we think about giving up will immediately loose keeping up. Keeping up is not just staying alive, it is not about been successful through and through, it not about been fearless in the presence of failure, it about our ability to be able to overcome that limitation that pushes us to wanting to give up, that mentality of thinking about what we are not, what we are yet to achieve, what we have less, the ability to think more of what we have now, this is the better part of keeping up, the better part of not giving up!.
Finally, we live in a world full of limitless possibilities, you can be healthy but mentally ill, you’re a victim of the rules you live by, been depressed is not just because you gave up, you are just afraid to cross that thin line that separates your mental stability from your mental illness. You are afraid of your weaknesses and until you learn that you are what you want to be, until then will you be free.

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