The Boy Child



Mankind did not fall when Eve ate the fruit,Man fell immediately Adam disobey and ate the forbidden fruit.

Nothing practical has been done for the boy child. In fact, the phrase ‘boy child’ probably doesn’t exist. Remember that a wholesome society of the future depends on the well-groomed and guided youths (boys and girls) of today.

There are many organisations for children that are either concentrating on the HIV and AIDS pandemic or the girl child. As far as HIV/AIDS girls sexual abuse is concerned, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are making a killing.
Anything tagged children, HIV and AIDS, and/or the girl-child is a gold mine.

Though no one can dispute that all these issues are not serious and does not needs urgent attention, it, however seems that they are being preached more than anything else, which might explain why the boy child has been side-lined.I have seen so many young men’s personalities and identities crushed in their early 20s and 30s and my heart just bleeds for them. The damage done to a boy child is so hard to reverse in later life that is why today, something must be done about the boy child.

It is noteworthy that I am not calling for the formation of new NGOs or Christian groups to deal specifically with the boy child, but I am asking for change and reflection, that national and individual ,NGO policies should have the boy child on their agenda as a distinct and separate concern. I am agitating for research and national statistics to be carried out on the boy child as is being done for the girl child.

Distinct units or departments within these organisations should be set aside with budgets specifically for the boy child.
It is a fact that it is not only fashionable, but also profitable to deal with the girl child.
Who wants boys in such a set-up, especially bad boys?

However, the questions I am asking society, NGOs, the donor community, churches and all stakeholders are as follows:
Where can an innocent boy child go for help?
Where can boy children go for help if they are not to turn from past victims to future perpetrators?
Why are the extended families in denial?
All the boy children we dismiss as street kids, don’t they also deserve our assistance? Anyway, I don’t know but which street has ever given birth to a child?
Should the boys be condemned, simply because they are not economically viable?
Surely, a child is a child. Why should the boy child of today suffer just because historically the girl child was marginalised? Aren’t we also creating disparities that would need future rectification in the process?
Why should the boy child have to suffer this cold shoulder from society?

Will like to train your boy child and give her to monster in the name of marriage, the boys (men) is the head of the family so they need our attention and training.
Sometime ago and even presently, a lot of attention was paid when reports came into the public domain that young girls (some who are now adults) were raped by an untrained boy child. There was a social outcry, which is fine. I was quite touched by the story but don’t the society know the boy child due undergoes sexual abuse too.
In my boys forum I heard of the teens wanting to be a girl because they believe they weren’t given attention like the ladies, watch our video and you hear from the boys your self.

Truth is, the boy child is lost, they don’t know what is expected of them, neither do they know what their responsibilities are. A boy child becomes a man and a father when they grow up. So, if we take good care of them, we are taking care of their future, our world. Let us raise brave and responsible boys and they will provide security for their families in future and the world and raise up responsible boys as well.

The boy child is lost in neglect
I invite those who disagree or agree with my sentiments to share their responses, and recommendations or volunteer in the planning of the international boys day by February


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