The Gospel

My Story
I grew up in church and attended several different congregations of
various denominations such as Baptist, Charismatic, Assembly of God, and
Presbyterian. My friends and family went to other types of churches and I
always liked visiting them. I enjoy the varying view points and major
focuses of each church. I believe that we all can learn something from every
orthodox Christian church.
I don’t put a label on myself except to say that I am a Bible-believing
Christian. I would be labeled by others as Pentecostal or Charismatic.
Others have said that I am too Baptist to really be called Charismatic. I am
not a Baptist. I am not a Charismatic. I agree with teachings from both
camps. I don’t really care for any of these labels. I prefer to be known as a
follower of Jesus. I prefer being known as a lover of God. I would rather my
life declare that I am a true disciple of Christ.
“I did not believe that God would speak to me…”
One thing that my background and exposure to various churches and
theologies has given me is an understanding of the positions taken by pastors
and members on the Lord speaking today. I heard different things growing
up. I remember being in churches where people would speak in tongues and
prophesy. Then, I also remember being in churches in which people would
have flipped out if someone attempted to speak in tongues or prophesy. I will
say that those churches that did not practice prophecy were always drier than
the churches who had a flow of the Holy Spirit. I went through a period of
my life where I did not believe that God would speak to me. I did not believe
that I could hear Him speak.
I went through a period of time where I was not exposed to
Charismatic and Pentecostal churches and they started to seem foreign to me.
The expression of spiritual gifts that seemed normal to me as a child, all of a
sudden seemed very odd and I felt out of place when visiting. This continued
until I intended to play basketball in high school and failed a physical
examination with issues related to my blood count. I was facing my first
personal crisis in life. I went to five different doctors and each one of them
told my parents a different story of what could be wrong with me and the..

To be continued.

The amazing Publisher/writter will be revealed at the next face. Stay put!


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