How Can I Boost My Birds Growth Organically?

How Can I Boost My Birds Growth Organically?

I’ve seen this question asked frequently in almost all the poultry farmers groups here on whatsapp and Facebook.
Here is the opportunity to start rightly this time. Whatever is believed to be impossible, we’ve broken the record.

Here’s the trick;

If you’re one of my organic farming beneficiaries, you’ll understand what it means to raise 100 birds to 8 weeks with 18 bags of feeds.

18 bags of feeds = 18 x 25kg
That’s about 450kg
450kg divided by 100 birds = 4.5kg
This means at 8 weeks a chicken should consume 4.5kg of feed.

Of course, science and some assumed animal scientists say a bird that consumes 7kg of feed should give 2.7-3kg of live weight @ 8weeks. That’s about 4.5kg for the first 6 weeks and 2.5 kg for the next 2 weeks.

That’s a total of 7kg at 8 weeks and approximate live weight of 2.7-3kg.

But, we’ve broken these assumptions with simply organic medications, organic feed additives and boosters.

8 weeks with 4.5kg feed consumption gives us 4kg plus live weight. We’ve achieved more than this too. So, stop doubting and start learning!

I know some will still argue that this is not possible. Maybe they’ll keep arguing anyway!

If you missed the opportunity to get the organic farming eBook, I never planned to take if off sale so soon but I had to. Any information that’s not well managed soon loses its value.

Here’s another opportunity to join to learn.

Grab this opportunity to join the “Organic Feed Additives Production MasterClass” when you still can.

Organic feed additives with:

100% Fiber (Enhances Feed Digestibility and Conversion)
Maintains Gut Health
Improves Carcass Quality
Burns Off Fat and Improve Meat Leanness (Clean meat with no fat at all)

10th- 15th January 2020
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