Street Begging

street begging has now become a stricking phenomenon in almost all the major cities in our country. Buggers have constituted themselves into a menace and nuisance. While some of them go about their business (for begging as assumed the proportion of being a business) in a gentle and persuasive manner, quite a number of them harass, intimidate and sometimes threaten innocent citizens who go about their lawful business.
Immediately there’s a traffic hold up (which beggers are always happy about) you will see swarms of them bombarding motorist in an attempt to squeeze some wads of notes from them.
This phenomenon is undoubtedly a recent development. In the days of old, it was quite possible to drive or walk along the street peacefully without being besieged by an army of beggers. What then can be responsible for this sudden upsurge of street begging? Many factors can be identified.
One prominent factor that has contributed to this menace is the downtown of the economy of the country. The economy is so bad that many people have been thrown into the labour market. This is because many factories are closing down almost on a daily basis, some people are therefore forced to beg in order to make ends meet. Accident also happens on our roads everyday and in most cases, people who are lucky to survive in these accidents end up being maimed. They thus become disabled and then the trade that first readily comes to the mind of such person is begging. And so we find all sorts of people with varying disability on the street begging.
Habitual laziness (indolence) —-is yet another factor some able-bodied and agile men and women love to enjoy a life of ease and pleasure but are unwilling to engage in profitable ventures. So these able-bodied persons who should have been engaged in various forms of gainful employment play lazy about. They therefore, take to street begging as an easy way of getting money thus fleecing the hardworking lots.
The question now is what the way out is? The major solution is a substantial improvement in the county’s economy. The economy must be improved in such a way that the industries and factories that have been closed down will be re-opened. This will provide employment opportunities for the teeming population. Another way of tackling the problem is to make determined effort to reduce drastically the incidence of road accidents. The agencies saddled with the responsibility of checking excessive speed and other excesses of the drivers should be revitalized. These agencies should perform their duty without fear or favour.. Such agencies should be closely monitored so that their officially do not become agents of bribery and corruption. Once the rate of accident I’d reduced, disabiled persons as a result of the road accident will drastically be reduced. Also the government should legislate against able-bodied men and women (that called themselves Area boys/girls ) flooding the street to beg for arms. They should be made to serve prison terms.


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