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Being an entrepreneur is not wholly dependent on ones level of education but it depends on your creativity, mindset and hard work. “Willingness and ability of an individual to good judgement, art or science of innovation and risk taking for profit in business is the clear picture of what entrepreneurship entails of which the quality of being an entrepreneur is ‘being one who organises and operate a business venture and of cause assumes much of their associated risk'” (Wikitionary.org).

The world of entrepreneurship wouldn’t have been the best  it is today if it doesn’t  offer a greater possibility of a cheering significant financial reward and only a firmed resolved soul can overcome  the crooks and thorns  of the same of which is clearly seen in the successful Entrepreneurship  Life of great Legend FEMI OTEDOLA who mounted up the sit of forte PLC  which was formerly an auxiliary of British petroleum (BP) as the CEO.

Otedola started off in the late 1980’s with running marketing for his  family’s printing press before he delved into the oil business.

In 1994, after consolidating his father’s business,  Otedola diversified and set up his own company, centre force Limited specialising in finance, investment and trading.

 In 1999, he ventured into the oil and gas sector and incorporated Zenon petroleum and gas limited, an indigenous company which engages in procurement, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum product (petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas, fuels, oils and lubricants).

In 2001 he incorporated sea force shipping company limited and he owns and manages a modern tanker fleet of four vessel.

 Otedola became  the chairman of forte oil PLC as earlier said. He  own a lot of diversified companies and has shown himself as a professional in real estate and finance.  He is an active investor, he invests money not only in his field of activity but also in the production of electricity, the agricultural sector and charity. He took various RISK on investment. He once lost more than half of his net worth when it drastically dropped from $1.8 billion to $550 million making him a millionaire rather than the billionaire, nevertheless, he was not much affected, he kept his passion intact!

There are many factors embedded in the successful entrepreneurship life of Femi Otedola which surpasses funds of which are PASSION, CREATIVITY, SELF CONFIDENCE, SMARTNESS, ENERGETIC, GOOD HUMAN RELATION and other attribute of leadership. Oh yes!

Many people who has entrepreneurial mindset are often incapacitated majority by lack of finance. Although embedded in them are the above listed potentials, nevertheless these are ways with one could raise funds for a business idea or a business at large in the world of entrepreneurship of which would be brought to light in this article.

To become a SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENUER, there are timeless principles of which when adopted would make the desired achievable even to the zenith.

CREATIVITY- Thinking of something uncommon which often times happen to be the challenge of many or an idle of production, and proffering solution to the same is the first stage of being an entrepreneur. Your creativity is the spark that drives you to become a successful entrepreneur, Otedola’s ROME wasn’t built in a day. There comes in perseverance, determination and others as previously outlined.

There are severally entrepreneurship skills that can bring you more profit in return, few of which are;

*Snail farming

  • Agriculture
  • Dry cleaning
  • Insecticide production
  • Artists [photo art]
  • soap production
  • production of confectionery
  • yoghurt production
  • Advance car washing
  1. FUNDING YOUR BUSINESS IDEA: As earlier said, everyone starting a new business ventures is in search of funds to get started and part of the easiest and cheapest ways to get funds for your business if by applying for small business grants, unlike business loans, grants don’t need to be repaid you just need quality and boom free money

Few of this platforms are ;

-Bank of industry [B.O.I]
-Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship programme [TEEP]
-Investment AB kinneriki
-MTN man in the box
-African’s young entrepreneurial [A.Y.E]
-International finance cooperation and lots more

  • Also reaching out to one or more investors who possibly could be interested in the vision, thereby striking a sponsorship or partnership deed to better start or enhance your business idea and or business venture. FOLLOW SUITE AND BECOME SUCCESSFUL IN THE WORLD OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH WHAT YOU KNOW AND/OR LOVE DOING BEST .
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