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Hi, I’m Comfort, my closest pals call me Cici, I’m a writer of some sort (not sure if I should call myself a writer since all I write is a diary). Well let’s agree that I’m a writer and this is me Welcoming you to read the pages of my diary with me. Well, my diary has a name “Life of a Lagosian”.

The name is a crazy one since I’m not even lagosian by birth or descent, in fact its not up to a decade that I moved to Lagos but just bear with me, I love to “famz” Lasgidi. Besides, I guess I qualify to be a Lagosian since I love the City.

Lagos is indisputably the commercial capital of “Naija”. It is also one of the busiest places in the country and arguably, the most populous city in Nigeria, For Lagosians though, Lagos is more than the population. For us, Lagos is a place where everything and anything works. For those who don’t like the City, it’s easy to say that Lagos is overcrowded and a land of stress but for us, we say the stress, the teeming crowd and the hustle bustle are the spice of Lagos!

If you think Lagos is overrated, or you think we “too dey” hype, Lasgidi, I will only assume you’ve never lived in Lagos and if despite living in Lagos, you still don’t know what the fuss is about, I will conclude that you’ve not taken out time to critically study your place of abode. Well, No qualms sha, get a cup of cold Lacasera and if it’s Coca-Cola you prefer, sha grab something, relax on your Sofa and let Cici take you on a journey to Lagos; Land of Possibility.

For those who have never been to Lagos, and those who have only been to Lagos on a visit, I’ve once been in your shoes. I didn’t always like Lagos infact I’m used to be one of the greatest critic of Lagos. OK.. That’s me overhyping myself again. The point is I didn’t always like Lagos especially before I moved to Lagos.

This is most likely a resultant effect of being a small-town girl and an annoyingly timid nerd
Moving to Lagos was quite an overwhelming decision for me, if I had a choice, I most likely wouldn’t have moved, the choice was beyond me but I was determined not to love Lagos. I told everyone who cared to listen, why a move to Lagos will be a disastrous one for me. I used weak lines like “I’m too clumsy and careless to live in Lagos”, “I don’t know how to cross the busy roads that are typical of Lagos” well i still can’t cross busy roads without help but your babe still dey survive. When I discovered that nothing was going to change the decision, I packed my bags alongside my most prized possessions; my eye glasses and my diary. And off to Lagos I went.

I bet you are wondering how and when I began to fall in love with a city I was so determined to hate. It will definitely surprise you that my first week in the City of Lagos did the trick. Well I was quite fortunate to meet a personality that every average Lagosian meets on Daily basis; A personality that effectively endeared Lagos to my heart.

Who did I meet? How important is this personality?
Well, join me next friday on life of a Lagosian and let’s begin this awesome trip round Lagos.

Your nerdy girl,




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