Life of a Lagosian 8.0


One thing that also stands Lagos out amidst other states in the western region of the federation is Rain. Believe me sincerely, if I say Lagos during its rain days is different from the Lagos on dry days. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on which you like), the “Rainy day Lagos” is more popular than “Dry Lagos”. This means that rain practically falls like 300 days out of 365 days in Lagos, for someone like me who has quite an unhealthy relationship with cold, this is quite unfortunate. Well, if you think I enjoyed the two weeks break from Life of a Lagosian, that can’t be any further from the truth. I had a visit from “Rainy day Lagos”

Three Fridays ago, this lady was unfortunate to be in the bus, heading back home when rain started. As it is typical of Lagos when rain falls, Fares were hiked by Danfo drivers and by the time I got to the point of taking a keke that will finally take me to my house,I discovered that there was nothing in my wallet. Angry at myself and the rain, I had no choice than to walk to my apartment. Na so I waka inside rain enter wahala oh.
Fast forward to Saturday morning, I discovered that this poor nerd has cold. I went to the pharmacy, got drugs but by Sunday morning, Mr Cold told me he came for a long visit. Since he was an unwanted visitor, I decided to solicit the help of an hospital so, that I can get security agents (drugs) to send him parking.
Na so I carry my bag, go general hospital. Na where I siddon, I con see flier “5 symptoms of corona”.

Cough (CiCi you don dey cough since yesterday night oh)
Fever (How person go get cold, wey in no go get fever?)
Difficulty in breathing (I roll my eyes, of course if pesin get Catarrh, Nostrils go block and breathing go become difficult
Sneezing Person wey get cold go dey sneeze na

I look myself, CiCi na cold carry you come hospital oh, no be say you get cold alone, you don dey sneeze and cough since you enter rain the other day, and na normal thing for fever to accompany cold. Jesus! Hope doctor no go talk say CiCi get corona like this,
The next thing that came to mind was this video skit I saw on Tik-tok 👇👇👇
Yes exactly, that what I’m saying, because I was asking them,
Do you know somebody who has Corona?
They said No.
Do you know somebody who know somebody who has Corona?
They said No.
OK. Do you know somebody who has a friend who knows somebody who has a cousin who knows somebody who has Corona?
They said No
And I was like, do you know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who has Corona?
They said No 😂 😂 😂

Before I become the person you know who has Corona, I quickly carry my bag, Na so I leave hospital, straight back to my shack. Cold never stop, public health institutions I no fit go, drug sef no work, I con dey think wetin I go do. Na so I decide say make I go private hospital. Let me share wetin my eyes see for there oh.
So, a friend recommended an hospital about two streets away from my house and off I went. When I got to the hospital, I met three nurses at the reception. For over ten minutes, I stood right in front of them but they were neck deep in a conversation, so they didn’t pay attention to me. Well, professional Aproko that I am, I decided to draw my conclusion about them.
Nurse 1 kept on flinging her right arm in such a way that the gold band on her third finger kept winking at me. In addition to flaunting the wedding band, she ensured she said something about her marriage in every of her sentence, I could deduce that she is a newly Wed.

Nurse 2 on the other hand seems to be a loud person or she’s probably frustrated, considering that they were gossiping, she kept on raising her voice so much that you could literally see the veins on her neck
Nurse 3 seem to be the Matron or better still, the most senior among the three. Her attention was divided between the conversation and the Yoruba movie showing on the television in the reception.
Finally fed up of standing, I coughed for the umpteenth time and it got the attention of Nurse 2. From her expression, it was obvious that she felt I was a nuisance who just disturbed her fun. Well, I didn’t care, I told her I needed to see a doctor blah blah blah.

In no time, I found myself in the doctor’s office, explained my plight and I kept on stressing the fact that I didn’t have this cold until I took a walk in the rain. He sha told me I needed to run some tests….
Pheww…. Time has gone 🤔 🤔 🤔
I’m sure you are wondering if there is any spectacular experience I had in the hospital that is news worthy. Well, join me in the laboratory next week and you will be surprised.
Still your nerdy girl

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